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Read Me

    kephra - crossplatform, GUI-Texteditor designed along Perl's Paradigms 

        > kephra [<files>]   # start with certain files open

    This module install's a complete editor application with all its configs
    and documentation for your programming, web and text authoring.

    Main Goals

    A visually harmonic and beautiful, sparing and elegantly programed Editor,
    that helpes you with all your daily tasks. It should be also able to operate
    in the way you prefer and be not afraid to try new things.

    In Depth
    I know, I know, there are plenty text editors out there, even some really
    mighty IDE, but still no perfect solution for many programmers. So lets
    learn from Perl 5 and 6 what it takes to build a tool thats powerful and fun
    to play with for hours and months.
    * make a low entry barrier (usable like notepad)
    * copy what people like and are used to and whats not inherently broken
    * give choices (TimTowtdi) 
      * (e.g. deliver vi and emacs input style)
      * usable with menu, contextmenu, bars, mouse combo, key combos, commands ...
      * configure via dialog and yaml/conf files ...
    * highly configurable / adaptable to personal preferences
    * beauty / good integration on GUI, code and config level
    * solve things with minimal effort (no bloat / minimal dependencies)
    * still everything extendable by easy to write plugins
    I believe strongly that there is much more possible with GUI editors
    and text editors in general than we are used today. So I try to weave
    fresh ideas wherever I can and design Kephra in a way, that every 
    programmer can alter and extend it easily. That can speed up progress
    or at least makes Kephra more comfortable for you.

    That is the plan, but we are currently not nearly that far.

    Beside all the basic stuff that would you expect from a notepad, we have
    file sessions, simple templates, recent closed files, and file functions
    applied to all files, where it makes sense.
    We have also a pile of advanced text navigation (on braces or blockwise),
    goto last edit or 10 doc spanning Bookmarks as well as find in files. 
    Advanced undo, line editing (edit functions that take the current line as
    input), move selected text by mouse or keyboard. Formating funtions like 
    blockformat, align blocks, indenting, commenting ...
    Documents have several properties like syntax styling, auto indention, tab
    width, tab use, write protection.

    View options contain switches for any GUI element and marker for: current
    line, end of line bytes, right margin, indetion guides, bracehiglighting,
    line wrap and font.

    Every menu and toolbar is evaluated from a simple yaml file, so you can 
    change it easily by opening this files from the config menu.


    Stable Release 0.4

    This release was about getting the editor liquid or highly configurable.
    Its also about improvements in the user interface and of course the little
    things we missed. It also contains interpreter output panel and a notepad.

    Stable Release 0.5

    This release is about getting Kephra into the world out there and adding
    feature that are most needed and removing most hindering barriers.

    Stable Release 0.6

    This release will be about extending Kephra internal extentions and Plugins.

  This Cycle

    Testing 0.4.1 - code folding

    Testing 0.4.2 - folding and GUI refined, movable tabs, 2 more tools, doc data

    Testing 0.4.3 - utf, marker, folding finished, 3 more tools, help links

    Testing 0.4.4 - new mouse control, 2 more tools, docs updated

    Testing 0.4.5 - more encodings, config dialog

    Stable 0.5 - about dialog


    command line vor vi like usage
    tree lib extention: snippet lib and toolbox in one
    file browser
    Plugin API

Coding support like L<Perl::Tidy>, outlining, help integration, debugger
autocompletition and so on will be long time goals. Lets see where they fit in.

    OS: Linux, Mac and Win32 (Basically same es the module named Wx.)
    Perl: >= 5.6             (we use our :) )

    * Herbert Breunung <> (main author)

    * Jens Neuwerk (author of icons, GUI advisor)

    * Andreas Kaschner (linux and mac ports)
    * Adam Kennedy <> (cpanification)
    * Renee B├Ącker E<lt>module@renee-baecker.deE<gt> (color picker)

    * many more since we study other editors a lot and also the padre sources

    This Copyright applies only to the "Kephra" Perl software distribution, not 
    the icons bundled within.
    Copyright 2004 - 2010 Herbert Breunung. All rights reserved.
    This program is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL as you can see in
    the LICENSE file in same directory or under