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keow refactoring

I am currently working on spliting keow into user and kernel processes. This is to allow support for gdb and to allow better signal handling.

I expect this process to take several weeks, so there will be no new releases for a while.

Posted by Paul 2005-07-22

keow project release 0.2

This release adds support for mounting windows drive letters and also contains initial /proc support.

Posted by Paul 2005-05-22

What makes keow different

Some people are wondering what makes keow unique.

Keow processes run as Windows processes, using windows files and resources. This is unlike qemu,vmware and colinux, which require a dedicated seperate block of memory and disk to operate from.

Keow is more like cygwin. However the difference is that keow runs actual linux programs - you don't have to use specially re-compiled versions (other than they must be i386 versions).... read more

Posted by Paul 2005-04-07

Initial Release

The first public release of keow was released today.

Posted by Paul 2005-03-22