Unable to connect to my own FTP server

  • EKS_Forge

    EKS_Forge - 2010-08-16

    I can’t get KeePassSync (new plgx version) to work with my ftp site (using it
    with Keypass 2.12).

    When I use FileZilla I provide
    Host: www.mysite.com
    Username: myusername
    Password: myusernamepwd
    Port: 21
    It connects no problems.

    Trying to do the same via KeePassSync fails.

    I enabled the debug window – it brings up a DOS window that gets stuck.
    It displays the following
    Looking up host "www.mysite.com"
    Connecting to 99.999.99.99 port 21
    and that is it.

    Other keePassSync settings I have.
    Directory filed is blank
    PLINK/PSFTP Path: C:\MyPlugins\KeePassSync (it was not finding plink until I
    did this)

    Anyone have the same problem?

  • EKS_Forge

    EKS_Forge - 2010-08-18

    My ftp server is on a windows server.
    I was told that plink will not work on windows servers only Unix/Linux.
    If that is correct then that is a pity.
    This plug-in is a GREAT idea but I don’t like to use another ftp server if I
    already have a ftp server as part of my hosting solution that I have full
    control over.


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