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Documentation? Synching via SFTP

  • Swin

    Swin - 2011-09-02


    I can't find any documentation regarding this plug-in. We use Keepass which
    supports multiple users using a DB on a shared network location at the same
    time, but we would like to be able to take the DB off-line and synch any
    changes mad back to a master file.One thing we DON'T want to do is use a third
    party sharing service (such as DropBox), but I do see that this plug in
    supports SFTP.

    Can the plug-in enable multiple off-line versions to be synchronised to a
    single master file?

  • Skip Stein

    Skip Stein - 2011-09-02

    I use a primary workstation, but keep a network copy of the Keypass DB on a
    common RAID server. I just sync periodically and access it from one of 5
    workstations in the network. The 'file sync' option is different than the Sync
    option under tools. Go to file tab and select Synchronize and point to the
    network KeyPass DB file. Easy as pie!

  • Alwuzomondo

    Alwuzomondo - 2012-04-05

    Tried to setup sync over SFTP with private/public keys with KeePasssync, but
    no success. Now I solved it using SFTP Netdrive (
    This mounts the SFTP server on a drive letter, then you can just use the
    buildt in 'sync with file' option in Keepass, no plugins needed.


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