How to build a plgx file from source?

  • kaspar

    kaspar - 2010-10-20


    i have added some functionality to the S3 provider (already posted a patch for
    that to the tracker) and would like to use it in my KeePass installations
    until (hopefully, finally =D) the feature is added to the official release.

    When building the plugin as a dll, KeePass will give me an "Incompatible
    version" error unless I use a self-compiled KeePass version for which I can
    set the /debug command line switch. That version however will not open my
    password DB though.

    Building a plgx file works - the plugin is also loaded into the official
    KeePass release, but it is missing all the providers and is also >2 MB in

    What magic do I have to apply to get a plgx out of the source code?

    Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,


  • Mitch Capper

    Mitch Capper - 2010-11-18

    Hello Kaspar are you using the latest (5.0) source? Previous to that the
    providers were separate (if you are using 5.0 make sure you DO not had
    additional provider dlls in the keepass dir as it may screw things up).

    As for how to build it I do:
    "C:\KeePass Password Safe\KeePass.exe" --plgx-create
    and thats it.

    Thank you for your patch I haven't had a chance to merge it in yet but
    definitely should for the next release!


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