SFTP: invalid characters in scp command.

  • schlimmchen

    schlimmchen - 2011-04-22


    I successfully installed the plugin and configured it. But it is not fully

    I enabled debug mode and found this error:

    "Invalid characters in scp command!"
    server sends exit code 1...

    I figure it has something todo with the KeePassSyncDir.txt file? I saw in the
    code that you use backslashes to address this file? What is this file doing

    It would be helpful if one could see the command issued to plink and pscp in
    debug mode.

    my server is a linux based server. what can we do about this?

  • schlimmchen

    schlimmchen - 2011-04-22

    embedding the image did not work.

  • schlimmchen

    schlimmchen - 2011-04-22

    As I figured how to compile from the sources, I investigated the problem

    plink -v -pw ***** user@myserver.de -P 22222 "ls -1 files/Keepass-* > files/KeePassSyncDir.txt"
    The command fails because of the ">" redirecting. The problem does not occur with another server, so it is a server issue.
    Sorry for bothering and spamming...

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