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  • Jens Wilmer

    Jens Wilmer - 2008-07-09


    I'm still looking for a possibility to keep my Keepass Databases in Sync.
    In order to achieve this i currently repeat the following steps over and over again.
    Open Database on one of my Computers
    Import Keepass Database from Network drive
    Save Combined Database locally
    Quit Keepass
    Copy local combined database to networkdrive.

    Repeat for Computers 2, 3 and 4, then copy complete Database to Computers 1, 2 and 3

    All this takes about an hour, so the Computers tend to run out of sync (By the way Keepass last opened Database points to the Network-Drive afterwards, which sometimes leads to conflicts).

    This plugin seems to do exactly what i need if it could use a networkdrive for synchronisation. (Even a USB-Stick or another local file would be a great enhancement (If the timestamp would remain untouched if nothing changed))

    Another useful provider for synchronization would be WebDAV.
    Even a sync to LDAP could be of useful for some people.

    Jens Wilmer

    • Anonymous - 2008-11-04


      I would really appreciate a WebDAV integration. A lot of providers are offering some Webspace for free and it would be a great deal.

      Thanks and Brgds,

    • ShawnKC

      ShawnKC - 2008-08-06

      It's definitely doable, I'll put it on my list. No promises as I'm starting to take on more projects.



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