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Hi Everybody!

I have uploaded test versions for "KeePassPPC V1.22" and "KeePassSD V2.19 Beta".

Personally i have switched to Android, so i haven't done ANY testing on these versions at all. I just updated to the latest libraries from KeePass, made the programs compile and that's it. No functional changes compared to the previous versions and potentially new issues!

There still seem to be quite a few people out there using Windows Mobile, so if you want to see a last last last official release, please do the testing and provide feedback in the forum stating which version (Name of the *.CAB file) you tested and if there are any new problems compared to the previous version.

Here are the download links:

Changes for KeePassPPC from 1.19b to 1.22 were minor, so it should work fine in theory.
Changes for KeePassSD from 2.15 Beta to 2.19 Beta were significant, so it might not work at all. Everything related to changing the master key, editing passwords for entries, adding/editing/deleting protected string fields should be tested.

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Posted by Tobias 2012-04-15

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