KeePassSD V2.15 Beta released


KeePassSD V2.15 Beta was released on 15th June 2011.

Release Notes:
* Sort directories and entries in FileSelector alphabetically
* Resize columns for displaying and editing StringFields and Attachments
* Update to Boost C++ Library V1.46.1
* PowerNotification thread should now always terminate
* Add OpenLastFile and KeyFilePath to XML settings
* Bugfixes for Search functionality
* Cleanup some code inconsistencies for string fields and attachment handling
* Update to KeePassLibSD V2.15
* Update to KeePassLibC V1.19b


This might be the last version of KeePassSD.
It contains the obligatory update of the encryption libraries and amazingly enough a few urgently requested bugfixes.
I hope everything works fine. Testing is limited as i am an Android user now and completely depend on the community for reporting problems in debug versions upfront. Enjoy!

Kind Regards,

Posted by Tobias 2011-06-15

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