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Hi there!

Some of you might have followed the thread in the forum regarding the future of this project:

The status so far is this:
My initial look at the Windows Phone 7 SDK was not very promising.
I think it will result in yet another complete rewrite of the GUI from scratch and the worst of it: At the moment i see no way to get the KeePassLibSD for the *.kdbx format quickly running on it. The *.kdb format as used by KeePassPPC is completely out of question, as there is no native (C) code allowed on WP7.
Maybe it was because of the early state of the SDK preview i looked at, but major bits of C# Classes which where available on the .Net Compact Framework seem to be no longer there on WP7. So without having a nice lib for the KeePass database formats everything else is pointless.
It's very well possible to have it ported to WP7, but i am most likely not the one doing it. Especially as the sales model will be very iThingyish, that means: Closed App Store with only certified applications in e.t.c. No Install of apps from SD-Card at all.
On the other hand the WP7 SDK is free and this project is GPL licensed, so everybody here can have a go and recycle bits of KeePassSD, if you find anything that can be reused.

In the meantime i got my first Android phone: Xperia X10 Mini Pro.
Still runs Android 1.6, but generally a very nice little machine and apart from me feeling a bit uncomfortable with Java things seem to be pretty straight forward and the nice reuse concept of Android Activities is also great.

I had a look at KeePassDroid ( http://www.keepassdroid.com/ ). Outstanding job from Brian to get it running under Java. The GUI is a bit early stage, so i think i will try to contribute there a bit and help out on adding the missing icon support there.

So the sad & sorry end:
I don't know how many more KeePassSD / PPC releases you can expect from my side. The Search support for KeePassSD is probably the last feature enhancement you will see. Maybe it's time to move on....

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Posted by Tobias 2010-08-24

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