KeePassSD V0.1.5 Beta released


KeePassSD V0.1.5 Beta was released on 20th March 2010.

Release Notes:
* Fixed problem with inaccessible directories in FileSelectorForm
* Fixed exception on PocketPC 2003 devices
(Still problems on Non SE devices though!)
* Update to KeePassLibSD V2.10
* Update to KeePassLibC V1.17
* Update to Boost C++ Library V1.42.0


When a new release comes out V0.1.5 Beta will be archived to:

Please post comments into the forum:

Thanks to the remote testing of SF user zincalarm this should hopefully fix the problem that KeePassSD used to lock-up when trying to open a database on more recent Windows Mobile devices that have special folders like "Bluetooth Neighbourhood" mapped into the root file-system.


Posted by Tobias 2010-03-21

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