KeePassPPC V0.5.2 released


As the SF Project News functionality was broken for quite some time, i try to catchup with news announcements now in chronological order.

KeePassPPC V0.5.2 was released on 20th February 2010.

Release Notes:
* Fixed compatibility with Windows Mobile 6.5 devices
* Update to KeePassLibC V1.17
* Update to Boost C++ Library V1.42.0


When a new release comes out V0.5.2 will be archived to:

Please post comments into the forum:

By fixing compatibility with WM6.5, some WM6.1 devices show problems now. A fix for this is under development. If you run WM6.1 and have problems, please contribute under this thread:
Vice versa if you run WM6.5 and want to make sure that a potential new V0.5.3 release still works, please contribute here:

Thank you,

Posted by Tobias 2013-04-22

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