KeePassPPC: V0.4.9 and KeePassSD V0.1.1 Alpha released

This project hosts the Windows Mobile ports of the famous Windows PC application "KeePass - The Open-Source Password Safe" from Dominik Reichl ( KeePassPPC is based on KeePass V1.xx and KeePassSD on KeePass V2.xx.


Unfortunately i spent the whole christmas vacation fiddling with my Linksys WRT54G3G router trying to get my WLAN-UMTS Internet connection working, so work on KeePassPPC and KeePassSD was pretty limited. However in the end i got the beast to work with OpenWRT and could do a maintenance release for KeePassPPC and KeePassSD in the last few days off work.

That means: No new features at all. Just an update to use the latest encryption library from KeePass V1.14 and KeePass V2.06 Beta.

Ah yes i managed to fix the "auto-lock" on KeePassSD quite a while ago, so this is part of the V0.1.1 Alpha as well.

Note that KeePassSD V0.1.1 upgrades the encryption library from V2.05 Alpha to V2.06 Beta, so i don't know if you can re-use your V2.05 *.kdbx database with it.
Best check if this is possible. I just reimported my KeePass V1.xx database into KeePassSD V0.1.1 Alpha.

KeePassPPC V0.4.9 release notes:

KeePassSD V0.1.1 Alpha release notes:

Comments go into the forum as always:

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Posted by Tobias 2009-01-09

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