KeePassPPC V0.4.8 released


This is a maintenance release, which should mainly fix the teething problems of the application auto-exit: The Options dialog was enhanced to allow to switch between old behaviour (exit on minimize) and the new auto-exit. You can also choose to ignore any power events when using the auto-exit now. The code is compiled against KeePassLibC V1.13 using the BoostC++ library V1.36.0. Therefore this release might be problematic, as quite a few warnings pop-up during compilation. Especially the date/time routines might be fragile. In addition to that the (annoying) word completion should now be disabled for all password fields, but this might only work 100%, if your device manufacturer hasn't messed with the input panel. So the safest option is still to either disable "word completion" completely or keep the password hidden all the time.

Have a look at the release notes here:

If you have any comments, please post in the forum:

Also check the ReadMe.txt in the release packages before installing or posting questions. If you want to build the code yourself, have a look at the HowToBuild.txt in the source package.

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Posted by Tobias 2008-10-06

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