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KeePassSD V0.0.7 Alpha released

Hi there!

I finally managed to produce the long promised and overdue official Alpha of KeePassSD.

It is not even close to what i would consider high quality code, but it does what it should do: You can open and view the entries of a KeePass V2.02 Alpha database.

You can find the release notes here:

If you have any comments, please post in the forum:

I am already aware of several open issues, but instead of delaying the Alpha release by another few month until i have enough time to sort everything out, i decided to go ahead and share what i have done so far in the hope that i will not drown in bug-reports of annoyed alpha testers.

Also note, as this Alpha is closely linked to the development work of Dominik on KeePass V2.xx it might become incompatible as soon as Dominik releases a later version which contains changes on the database format.

I hope the Alpha i useful at least for the Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone users at the moment.

Please read the ReadMe.txt in the release package before installing or posting questions in the forum.

Kind Regards,

Posted by Tobias 2007-04-29

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