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Homepage update and KeePassLibC.dll

Hi everybody!

No new release this time, just a little bit backgound information about what's going on:

I added a few screenshots to the project homepage: That is, a preview for KeePassSD and also a few screenshots for KeePassPPC as a comparision.

The KeePassSD screenshots might not look especially stunning for the average user, however it is a big step forward! Having a C# GUI running as managed code under the .Net Compact Framwork 2.0 and accessing an unmanaged MFC C++ DLL is a huge difference from how KeePassPPC works right now. That is: A big monolithic (and messy) MFC C++ application containing everything.

Under SubVersion the KeePassLibC.DLL project is already checked in, making it possible to build 100% KeePass compatible DLLs for PocketPC 2003(SE), Smartphone 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC and Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone.

Microsoft recently released a Beta for the Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 and with that some deprecated MFC classes will come back. So it should be possible to keep maintaining the KeePassPPC code a bit longer. However with the move to Visual Studio 2005 one also has to use MFC 8.0 and as most devices do not have this preinstalled the only way to go forward is to use MFC linked static to the binary. What does that mean for you? Well the filesize will grow to 766KB from 482KB. Not nice, but there is no way around it.

Ok, that's it for today.

Kind Regards,

Posted by Tobias 2006-10-07

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