Debug / Test versions uploaded...

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2011-05-08

    Hi there!

    I uploaded some debug / test versions. Please post your feedback here.
    No feedback = No new official release.

    KeePassPPC V2.19b debug / test version:

    KeePassSD V2.15 debug / test version:

    This is completely untested and might destroy your databases, crash, set your PDA/phone on fire, e.t.c.
    So only use it with some test-data or if you have a backup.
    A database which is saved with this version will most likely not open with the previous versions anymore! So make a backup of your database.


    P.S.: Did i mention that you should backup your database?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello there I've installed  KeePassSD V2.15 debug / test version (in a HD2) works ok I can open and view database entries .

    PS: is it possible to remember the path of the key file ?  ( As it is done with path to the database file ?)

    Philip Serefoglou

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    HTC MAX 4G
    Open file v2.15 - ok.
    Search - ok.

  • Dimitrios T. Tanis

    KeePassSD V2.15 debug / test version

    Device is HTC Touch Diamond P3700 (DIAM100) with custom firmware (WinMo 6.1)
    App is running fine, so is search.

    Opens 2.15 desktop database, not opening with previous version.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Dimitrios T. Tanis

    I forgot to mention, using latest: KeePassSD_WM6_prof_SearchDebug3.CAB

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is it possible to switch off the debug boxes?

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2011-05-28

    FYI - Complete new set of testbuilds uploaded for KeePassSD:

    Fixed Search, Added remembering of the keyfile and the Option to disable the remembering of the database and keyfile by setting OpenLastFile to false in KeePassSD.config.xml


  • Highlander

    Highlander - 2011-05-28

    What is the difference between KeePassSD_WM6_std.CAB  and KeePassSD_WM6_prof.CAB?

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2011-05-28

    KeePassSD_WM6_std.CAB is for Windows Mobile 6.x Standard = Devices without touchscreen.


  • Louis

    Louis - 2011-05-30

    Downloaded and installed v2.15 prof. today on Xperia X1 with WM 6.5.3 (29020):
    + open v2.15 .kdbx
    + last file is remembered (haven't checked to switch this off)
    + save .kdbx
    + save as…
    + search entry (RegEx not tested, just searched for text string)
    + edit entry
    + create new entry
    + password generator
    + change icon

    - folders in file open/save as dialogue are in reverse (?) order
    - import looks for .kdb file (instead of .kdbx or both)
    - custom icons for entries are not recognized (don't know if they ever were before)

    Bottom line: works for me :-)

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2011-05-31

    Hi Louis2203!

    Thanks for testing…

    Regarding your found issues:
    - Hm not sure what is the "right" order for folders… It's not sorted at all.. So reverse compared to some other File Browser?
    - Import is only importing KeePass 1.xx Databases, so that is fine
    - Custom icons are not supported


  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2011-05-31

    And another complete new set of testfiles for KeePass V2.15:

    Changelist so far:
    * Resize columns for displaying and editing StringFields and Attachments
    * Update to Boost C++ Library V1.46.1
    * PowerNotification thread should now always terminate
    * Add OpenLastFile and KeyFilePath to XML settings
    * Bugfixes for Search functionality
    * Cleanup some code inconsistencies for string fields and attachment handling
    * Update to KeePassLibSD V2.15
    * Update to KeePassLibC V1.19b

    …A bit scary riding this dead horse without actually using a physical Windows Mobile device anymore :-)
    I hope i fix more bug than i introduce *grin*.


  • Louis

    Louis - 2011-05-31

    Hi Tobias,

    re. the sorting: somehow I expected alphabetical sorting just like in any other file browser…
    - Storage Card
    - Documents and Settings
    - Windows
    - Temp
    - My Documents
    - …
    looks indeed unordered - no problem when you have only a few folders to navigate, but could quickly become a nightmare.

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2011-06-07

    Release candidate for V2.15:

    Added two more goodies:
    * Sort directories and entries in FileSelector alphabetically
    * Resize columns for displaying and editing StringFields and Attachments

    If this works, i can release it.
    Please torture the FileSelector and the StringFields and Attachment handling a bit.
    If you rename the Name/Key of an existing StringField it should also no longer create a duplicate entry, but delete the old one and add a new StringField with the new key name.


  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2011-06-15

    No more replies means everything is working perfectly, yes!? :-)


  • Louis

    Louis - 2011-06-15

    I hope so - but I must admit I was offline for some time and haven't had time to test the latest version.
    Will download it immediately and have a quick look…..

  • Anonymous - 2011-07-12

    I will also download and test.  Wow did I have an old version v.0.1.5 is what I believe I had.  Backing-up, Updating and testing and will post my results or if I have any bugs.  Thanks for giving us this last version as Windows Mobile is slowly dying….

  • PeterF

    PeterF - 2011-10-05

    Hi, I just started using KeePassSD WM 2.15. Very Nice, thank you. I recently went back to my WM6.1 HTC Fuze after trying a BB Torch. So, I am using your WM 2.15 version of KeyPassSD. One of you statements 2011-06-07 states that the folders and entries would be alphabetized. Is that active? If so, should I assume it does not work correctly on my HTC Fuze or is there something I need to do? Thank You. Peter


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