Any Status?

  • OnTheEdge

    OnTheEdge - 2007-04-23

    Any updated status on an Alpha release for WM5 Smartphone?

    I promise to only use it on a COPY of my database (I don't want to save/change passwords, I just want to read them anyway).

    I also promise not to blame you if it crashes my phone. It wouldn't be the first app I use to do that. :)

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-04-24

      Hi clofland!

      Ehm yes, i am a bit behind "schedule". KeePass V1.07 turned up a bit unexpected for me and also VVits changes on  KeePassPPC V0.4.3 caught me a bit by surprise. However i am not complaining, i am glad about every code contribution. In addition to that i had a week of business trips to do for my regular job, so i couldn't work on any changes during that time.

      So at the moment i have to

      - Merge the V1.07 encryption library to KeePassPPC
      - Generate a Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional version of KeePassPPC
      - Merge VVits GUI changes to KeePassPPC
      - Merge (& Improve) VVits Clipboard changes to KeePassPPC
      - Merge (& Improve) VVits Password reenter change to KeePassPPC
      - Fix the PassGenDlg. Looks as if it was not producing as random passwords as it should have done.
      - Update the webpage & produce a KeePassPPC V0.4.4 release

      - Merge the V1.07 encryption library to build a KeePassLibC32.dll for KeePassSD
      - Produce a webpage with big fat red warning for KeePassSD Alpha
      - Produce the release packages & ReadMe for KeePassSD

      KeePassSD seems to be quite stable, there is just a sh**load of functionality missing and i have problems with the image resources, which result in the transparency not working for the PocketPC 2003 build. Well, still good enough for a public Alpha, but it is no where near the functionality of KeePassPPC nor the KeePass V2.02 Alpha from Dominik.


    • OnTheEdge

      OnTheEdge - 2007-04-24

      All I really want is a viewer. Anything else is just gravy. Currently I have to export my KeePass database to a text file and then encrypt that in a format that I can un-encrypt on my phone. Surely what you've got can improve on that system, no?

      If there was a free way to develop for WM5, I would take a stab at some coding myself, but as far as I can tell, I've got to buy Visual Studio to even compile code. :(

      Don't beat yourself up over features. It isn't like we are paying you for this. You won't lose any customers. ;)


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