I want KeePass on Win Smartphone 6.0

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Come on guys,

    KeePass is a great sotware, I need it for my smartphone (HTC s610) and I'm looking for a new version since some months.

    Can I help you in any ways?

    Go ahead, I'm sure that many people need it. Windows Mobile 6.0 is a great platform, Microsoft are working well on it since earlier versions.


    Nicola Farina

    • warsong

      warsong - 2008-07-06

      i also would like support for smartphone? any reason why it can't be added?

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2008-08-07

      Try the KeePassSD Alpha version (KeePassSD_WM5_sp.CAB or KeePassSD_WM6_std.CAB) from here:

      KeePassPPC is a C++  GUI for PocketPC devices. The Smartphone GUI is completely different and would require more or less a complete rewrite from scratch. If anybody in the community is willing to go through the pain of redesigning all forms for smartphone devices and then completely reimplementing the program logic for menu handling instead of touch-screen input, then you are welcome.

      I am trying to do this for the KeePassSD (C#) Alpha version, but it is still pretty painfull to maintain two different types of GUIs in parallel. Every single screen / form / entry / dialog has to be done twice: Once for PocketPC and once for Smartphone. And there are quite a number of subtile differences between these two regarding the treeView handling, Button handling, e.t.c.
      That means: It is a pain in the back...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I just want to say that I use KeePassSD for Smartphone on my Motorola Q9h Global with Win 6.1 std, and 2.05 alpha on my laptop/desktop PCs. I have had absolutely NO trouble with either version, both have worked perfectly for the couple of months I've had them installed. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard, painful work (I was a software developer in many languages for 30 years, so I know "painful work"!) to support those of us with Smartphones!! I am very, very grateful!


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