Close doesn't work..

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    .. as it used to. At least, not on my WM5 device.

    In Version 3, hitting "X" resulted in KeePass closing.

    In V4, it results in KeePass minimizing. It then needs to be closed manually.

    Obviously the way v3 handled it was much more secure, just imagine someone tapping "X" and walking around with a PDA in his/her pocket, with KeePass database open as a background task. If someone doesn't have a tasklist type application (which isn't included in WM OS) or forgets to manually close KeePass, they may be walking with it open for days.

    Please bring this very useful security feature back !

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-01-17


      Are you sure that V0.3.0 closed the application when hitting the minimise button?
      There was never any code in to do that, this is why i explicitly recommend the use of MagicButton in the ReadMe. However maybe the eVC++ 4.0 compiler had a different default behaviour than the VisualStudio 2005.

      Well i'll try to add that feature.
      Either that, or a propper database Auto-Lock feature with a timeout.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      >Are you sure that V0.3.0 closed the application when hitting the minimise button?


      I've always used a task switcher (iCbar and then MagicButton) and KeePass was always closed out of memory, not "smart minimized" after hitting "X". The default behavior I use is smart minimize.

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-01-21

      Odd. As i said i haven't ever changed the minimize behaviour.

      Well i found an example about how to patch the smart minimize button here:

      Seems to work, though the mechanism is pretty dodgy imho. So i will add that to the next version when the betatesters are happy, that it does not interfere with other task-bar utilities.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for fixing this in 4.0.1 !!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      No problem, though it doesn't seem to work very well for some people.
      Spb Pocket Plus in combination with KeePass PPC V0.4.1 seems to hang and require a Soft Reset.
      Does anybody use that program and can test the fix?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, I'm running the Spb Pocket Plus software and am having the hang / soft reset problem. If there is a fix for this I'd be happy to test it.

      Where would I be able to get the fix from?

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-02-25

      Well the download page is always a good start:

      SourceForge has problems with their Project Shell Service since two weeks. I'd really love to update the webpage to point to V0.4.2 but i can't. First the server was down completely. Now it doesn't accept the SSH key. Argh...

      I certainly hope the guys get a grip on this problem, so that i can announce the February 11th release before beginning of March.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'd already downloaded the latest version from the location you suggested, but it still seems to have the problem - when I "X" the app, the PPC hange, but when I use File, Exit, it seems to work OK.

      I'll use File, Exit for the moment.

      Thanks a lot for your efforts on all of this Tobias.


    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-02-27

      Hm odd. I tested Spb Pocket Plus in combination with KeePassPPC in the emulator.
      It hung with V0.4.1 and was happy with V0.4.2...
      Any ideas why your device doesn't like it? *headscratch*

      This whole task-bar hooking is anyhow highly dodgy and multiple programs fighting over the right to manipulate the
      behaviour of the "X" button... Not nice at all. So all i am doing at the moment is i listen to a "stylus up" event..
      then check whether i am within the bounds of the "X"... If i am.. Post a message to close the app.
      Then call the overridden task bar handler with a newly created "stylus up" event.
      In any other case call the overridden task bar handler with the original values.

      So we could try a few more iterations now:

      a) Just catch the "stylus up" event and don't notify the parent message handler at all.
         Means: Only KeePassPPC would know that the button was pressed, any other task bar handler utility sees nothing.
         This is probably tricky, as we also need to "hide" the "stylus down" event and probably other events as well.

      b) Always call the overridden task bar handler with the original values. And just "secretly" listen to
         the "stylus up" event and do our close in parallel with any other sh** going on.
         This might also have sideeffects as we could get multiple event sent to KeePassPPC... the original close from the hook and
         potentially more events depending any other task bar utility that sits on top.


    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-03-03

      Ok blast, it's the weekend and raining cats & dogs, so what the heck:
      I just made the V0.4.3 release. If there are still problem, a V0.4.4 will surely follow soon :-).
      Get it from the download section.



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