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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Sorry ... I posted another COPY/PASTE request for PPC version before I read the above message.

    I also think the COPY/PASTE feature would be very beneficial in the PPC version. COPY/PASTE is one of the main features I use regularly in the desktop version.

    Since you can't have the clipboard clear automatically on the PPC, how about providing a manual button which would clear the clipboard on the PPC? Then it would be the user's responsibility to press this button to make sure the clipboard is clear.

    You also could also consider clearing the clipboard when the KeePass exits.

    I hope you find a means to include COPY/PASTE on the PPC version. It's a very useful feature.

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-01-21

      Hi there!

      Yes it's on the to-do list. If i do not find a way to "spy" on the clipboard paste event, i could also add a timer and say:
      60 seconds after KeePassPPC copied the data into the clipboard it will be erased. This has the disadvantage, that "something else" could have been
      pasted into the clipboard by another application in the meantime, but better than no security i guess.

      At the moment you could copy the passwords into the clipboard by using the keyboard shortcuts. So if you select the password you can use Ctrl+C to copy it, and later Ctrl+V to paste it.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks Tobias.

      CTRL+C keyboard command works great with KeePass on the PPC. Really glad you told me about this! :)

      I'll look forward to any other modifications you make to the program.

      KeePass is a great program!

      I've been using both the KeePass desktop and PPC versions for more than a year.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I can copy/paste (CTRL+C/CTRL+V) UserId fields directly onto websites, but I am unable to copy/paste (CTRL+C/CTRL+V) directly into passwords fields.  Is this a security feature of the website or other problem?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Rick!

      Yes you are right and it's ultimately annoying. This is a "security" feature of the PocketIE (same problem on Opera though). It does not allow to cut & paste on password fields. So M$ decided for you, that cut & paste is evil in this case and prevents you from pasting your password in.

      The only possible way around it would be to have KeePassSD "simulate" actuall keypresses while a password entry field of a website is highlighted. No idea if such a kind of "AutoType" can be done on Windows Mobile at all.



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