missing "search database"

  • Germo Görtz

    Germo Görtz - 2010-01-17


    about KeePassSD V0.1.4
    one of the most used features in desktop KeePass is to search the database. I can't find this in the KeepassSD. Isn't it implemented? If not, is it possible to implement?

    next problem: the databases often closes itselfs without any reason. I have to reenter masterkeyword and so on. A good idea would be to let the user configure why and when the file is closed. In the moment it is very hard to work with KeePassSD because of this.

    another idea:
    in the moment there is only a tree view. it would be much more easy to use if there would be a tree window and a window for the current item.
    In the past I used some other password safes on PDA. All this features (search, combined tree-view and notes view) where allready implemented in other programs some years ago. Then for some years I did not use PDA. And I went to KeePass. KeePass for desktop is very fine and I want to continue to use it. But what can I do on my Smartphone? What about the older version? Maybe I have to downgrade from KeePass 2 to KeePass 1? Or are the features in KeePassPPC V0.5.1 the same as in KeePassSD?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i also really need the "Search Function".
    Please implement it in a near future build !



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