Keepass PPC and key files

  • vinaway

    vinaway - 2009-08-26

    (originally posted on xda-developers forum; didn't get much attention, so here it is)

    Ok, I’ve been holding back on this one for over a year, doing searches on this problem and coming up with nothing. I can’t believe I’m the only one with this problem.

    I have an HTC Trinity running WM6.1
    I use KeePass on my PC with a key file. On my ppc I cannot get the software to allow me to choose a key file. The drop-down selector will say “<no key file selected>” even though the box next to “Use Master Password AND Key File” is checked and the master password has been entered. No amount of selecting/unselecting/reselecting will allow the key file selector to give me any sort of file selector or input field.
    I’ve been dicking around with this since I first got my device in July 2008, putting a few hours into it when I come across a new release (today’s version was 0.5.1). I’ve seen release notes from a previous version (0.4.5) that key file has been enabled. I’ve tried creating a new KeePass file on the PPC, and that will not allow me to choose/create a key file either. I thought it might have something to do with screen aspect affecting the selector widget, so I’ve switched to horizontal mode, shrunk the fonts to the tiniest size, but no difference.
    My way of contending with the problem is to generate a dupe of my KP db that doesn’t require a key file. I don’t like doing that.

    This page
    may be reporting the same problem, but the translation is not very good.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      There is a nice butten "<>" next to drop-down box for the Key File.
      Pressing it might help.

  • vinaway

    vinaway - 2009-09-29

    &gt;  There is a nice butten &quot;&lt;&gt;&quot; next to drop-down box for the Key File.
    Pressing it might help.

    Not on my screen, even when I switch to 'landscape' view.
    I can see that the GUI runs off the screen because half of the 'Cancel' button is beyond the edge.  If this button is there, I cannot see it.

    But acting on your tip, and knowing what I do about GUIs, I checked the Key File box then hit the Tab key on the on-screen keyboard, and whatdayaknow, a file browser for the key file appeared, then all went as planned.  Thanks for the tip.  In a way this is cool because nearly anyone tampering with my device will never figure out how to access the secret button, so it adds another level of security.

    I'm still surprised this hasn't come up before.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is there any way to set the key file to remember each time i open kdbx file? It is very uncomfortable every time to browse and select the key time and enter the password. The browsing of key file takes much more time and it is not convient :(

    That will be the greatest impression if you add possibility to remember latest key patch file.

    And thanks for the great software! I've tried many similar programs and this is absolutely 100% the best program for keeping secure data.
    Thousands greets to all developers of this tool :) and sorry for my english

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is there any way to save the last used key file? Please! This is VERY-VERY uncomfortable to spare ~20 seconds on searching key file on the device.


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