Future of KeePassSD ?

  • Anonymous - 2008-01-09

    Is there any development of KeePassSD ? i wait for a version, where i can edit the entrys on the ppc or the smartphone. the last alpha version is some weeks old. i cant wait for a new version... please please please make the fileds editable...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Sebastian...

      Well sorry i was having a bit fun with a hardware project for a change instead of programming for KeePassSD. See here: http://www.toluse.de/www/hwproj_rfidreader.htm

      There is still a lot of work left over to be done before i can start on adding and editing fields.
      I have to scrap the cancel child form functionality as soon as we start editing entries, which means autolock will only work when you are on the main screen and not if any child window is open.
      Then we need a Create composite master key / Change composite master key dialog and a way to do backups of the database in case things go wrong and we corrupt the *.kdbx file.
      Unfortunately each of these tasks has to be done twice, or at least 1,5 times. Once for the Smartphone and once for the PocketPC version of Windows Mobile, so progress is really slow. The core code calling into KeePassLibSD is essentially the same, but GUI wise it is really painfull.


    • Anonymous - 2008-01-17

      Hhh ok. i using for this time KeePass Classic on my PPC (XDA Neo). Bit since i i have convinced my girlfriend to buy a smartphone, he has buyed a HTC Excalibur (XDA Cosmo). SO The Classic Version will not run on it,  but the Smartphone version does. Now she aks me, when she can edit the entrys :-) so im in good hope and i need not to buy another password store. thats good...

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Well i must say that was the best request so far to get me back programming :-))).
        Keep the misses happy is certainly a very good argument that i can fully understand.

        The IdleTimeout is implemented already and behaving similar to KeePass V2.xx now.
        I am working at the moment to get the basic file-handling right.
        It is amazing how complex such a simple application can turn out once you start modifying data.

        For example: We have an "Open" "Import "Save" "SaveAs" "New" event. All these events can happen when
        "no database is open" "a database is open and not-altered" "a database is open and altered".
        So as all this is dialog driven you certainly want a "the current database was modified, do you want to save?" popup if there is an altered database open, but you also want to be able to use the "cancel" button to abort for example an "Import" or "Open" or "New" without losing the currently open database.

        So i will sort out the basics first and go on to the more fancy stuff. I think everybody would hate me, if i would just implement the AddEntry function without making the whole program logic safe, so that you do not accidentely loose any data.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Awesome!  Can't hardly wait!  Thanks for all the hard work Tobias!




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