Keepass VS CryptoCard

  • Yves Le Layo

    Yves Le Layo - 2009-09-03

    Hello to all,

    After 5 years with PmMax CryptoCard, time has come to migrate my passwords to another good system...
    PmMax's website is down, and there are some reports that CryptoCard won't play well with Windows Mobile 6 and higher...

    My device is still on WM5, but i won't let a problem or an envy (WM7 ! ;) ) loose my passwords !

    So, i've migrated from scratch, copy/pasting all 'cards' into Keepass (V1.16 and the appropriate PPC version)... An evening of hard work, but now, i've got an open sourced soft, and a version for PC and for PPC... So my numerous password are know well protected in my wallet ! :)

    For the moment, the only thing i've noticed is : Only one model of entry :(
    Some other password softs have some differents models, depending on your needs...
    For example, i entered my VISA cards informations (card number, account, etc...) but in 'wrong' fields,  such as 'Website' etc...
    Would be a good thing to have differents patterns, so when creating an entry, you can choose witch model is the closest...

    Anyway, i'm an happy camper to enter the Keepass' world ! :D

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I'm a long time CryptoCard user as well, and am also slowing considering the change to something else.  The challenge is finding a freeware or open source program with all of pmmax's features - the ability to vary the card format was great!  What version(s) of KeePass are you using, and are you still happy?




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