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Help - PlatformNotSupportedException

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When I try to run the KeePassSD_WM5_ppc version

    I got a "Main Exception" dialog box saying PlatformNotSupportedException.

    I am running a Pocket PC 5.0 Phone Edition


    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-07-16

      Which device?
      The Pocket PC 5.0 SDK Phone Emulator works fine.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am using an English OS Pocket PC 5.0 Phone Edition device with Chinese Add-On software running on top, which by default set my Locale to one which is not built-in.

      When I change the locale (under Settings>System>Regional Settings) to either English (United States) or English (United Kingdom), the program works fine.

      1. KeePassSD depends on locale settings
      2. I have other .net compact framework programs running on my device including some that I built myself, which do not require compact framework v2 but not SP2, they works fine under my "Non-Standard" locale setting.

      that is my KeePassSD experience so far and can't wait to see more functions in the SD version.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Hm, intresting. The thing should be built language neutral, at least i am not aware of a requirement to run an English local setting.

        So which "Locale" setting produces the Error?
        Or is it everything but English (United States) or English (United Kingdom)?

        Hope i can reproduce that in the Emulator. :-)


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        All the built in Locale settings seem to work fine.
        So i cannot reproduce the problem, unless you send me a link to your 3rd-Party Add-On, which hopefully offers a trial-version, that i can put into the emulator.



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