• coxrui

    coxrui - 2007-04-11

    I all.

    I'm new here. I found this sofware today and i have to say that is great.

    I really wanted to manage all my passwords, etc.. with a free open source software.

    In my desktop I use other open source that is called Mediaportal (is the best mediacenter program).

    I have installed the KeePass 2.02 Alpha Desktop and now i want to install in my pocket pc the KeePassSD to make them both compatible. How i compile the KeePassSD ? I use TortoiseSVN but i don't know what to put in the URL of the download the source code.

    Can anyone help me?



    Country: PORTUGAL

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-04-14

      Hi Rui!

      The KeePassSD Viewer is not really ready for the public yet. The SVN project is not complete as i do not want to check-in files, where the copyright is unclear (audio resources) or which are already part of the KeePass V2.02 source and just need some minor adjustments to make them compile on Windows Mobile devices.

      Btw. KeePass V2.02 was just released a few days ago, so until yesterday evening you would have only found the source-code based on KeePass V2.01 in SVN. This is a hobby project and my spare-time is limited.

      However the link to the SVN repository is:

      I might be able to release some *.CAB installers soon, but from a code maturity standpoint KeePassSD Alpha is way below KeePass V2.02 Alpha. Well I am bound to be always a few steps behind Dominik with the Windows Mobile port and I am still in the process of getting my head around C# and the .Net concepts.



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