• Rick Swartz

    Rick Swartz - 2006-11-15

    Hi all!

    First off a huge thanks to Tobias for this wonderful port. You've finally made me give up my addiction to SplashID. There are a few things I've noticed, and some suggestions I'd like to make:

    1: On switching off the PPC when KeePass is still active it would be very nice(and more secure) if it would switch back to the password entry screen. An *option* to do the same when Keepass is minimized would also be nice.

    2: The note field would be more usable if it used wordwrap. I make heavy use of it, and  I find myself having to do quite a lot of horizontal scrolling.

    3: Although the overview screen uses all available space in 'true' vga mode, the startup password entry screen, the Icon choice screen and the edit and view screens don't. It would be a nice to have if the entire screen real estate was used (especially nice for the note field)

    Once again, many thanks for the app. I'm going to be showing it around at the next PDA group(formerly PUG) meeting in Mannheim. There are a lot of SplashID users there that will want to make the switch to Open Source.

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2006-11-17

      Hi Rick!

      Thanks for comments and suggestions. Here are some answers:

      1: Yes, fair point. I know that this feature is long overdue, however apart from the programming problem to find out when the application is idle and then to terminate it / lock the database or to listen to the power-down event and do the same, there is also the problem of what to do, if the idle limit is reached and somebody edited the database in the meantime. Save the changes, in the hope that they were intended to be saved? Save the database under a new name? Guess in order to implement the idle limit, i need to implement the backup-folder feature of KeePass first.

      2: I could easiely change that. Maybe that should be an setup option. The next version of KeePass will only scroll vertically then and i wait for complains :-)

      3: Well the reason for that is, that there are also square PDAs and you could also rotate the screen on newer PDAs. The behaviour is not really consistend for all dialogs, but implementing that would basically require three layouts: a square one, one for horizontal screen setup and one for vertical screen setup. This is a lot of tedious work and in the C# version it all comes for free, because you can dock controls to a certain edge, so that they are automatically resized. So i guess i will safe that for the C# version.

      Again thanks for your comments. I am aware of the problems 1 and 3, but it will take a bit of time to sort them out. Point 2 is easy to implement so you will get it together with a simple end-of-line character conversion routine, that converts mac and unix formated notes into the windows format in the next release. The next KeePassPPC version will come, when Microsoft releases the official Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1.


    • Larry

      Larry - 2006-12-04


      A couple of follow-on suggestions:

      #4:  Frequently, the data in the URL field exceeds the display, can we get a horizontal scroolbar for this field?

      If I visit a public computer, I use KeePassSD to "remind" me of the URL, ID & password.  To scroll the URL, I have to launch the keyboard and then use the arrow keys to navigate.

      #5:  To get a bit more display space for the URL, would it make sense to move the "Visit" button down next to the "Expires" field?  Since "Expires" would contain a date, shortening its display shouldn't hurt.  If that doesn't make sense, can it be moved to the left side of the "URL:" field text?

      Misc:  If you eliminate the horizontal scroll bar on the comments, then we wouldn't lose any screen space if you add a horizontal scroll bar to the URL.  :-)

      Thanks for updating the PPC version of KeePass!!

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2006-12-24

      Hi Larry!

      Yes fair point. It would be probably a good idea to just get rid of the button and have a doubleclick event on the URL-field itself. A scrollbar is also a possibility. I couldn't make this change for the christmas release.. Maybe in the next version.


      P.S.: Suggestion 2) and 3) are implemented in V0.4.0. Still didn't have time for the AutoLock feature as requested by 1) though.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      One of the main things I like about the Windows desktop version of KeePass, is that I can COPY user-id and password to the Windows clipboard, and then PASTE them into any program which asks for them.

      Is there any way to do a COPY/PASTE of user-ids and passwords in the PocketPC version of KeePass?

      I just installed version 0.4 of the PPC version, and I don't see any means to COPY/PASTE.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I use SIP keyboard and ctrl-c / ctrl-v for copy/paste.

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-01-21

      Please continue the Copy&Paste discussion here:

      Thanks you,

    • Nobody/Anonymous


    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-03-15

      Timeout will be supported in KeePassSD together with KeyFiles. Don't think it will happen for KeePassPPC unless i get an ultimate brilliant stroke of understanding for MFC CSingleDocTemplate applications and their complete message flow.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Firstly - thanks for porting KeePass to PPC - so far I'm very happy...

      I had a thought regarding the "clipboard clear" option...
      Would it be possible to set the app to clear the clipboard when the user closes it?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Yes i could put something like that in, however this isn't so straight forward either, because how do i know if KeePassPPC was the last program to put something in the clipboard or some other application was used in the meantime and i might kill the data that was copied from there accidentely? I would somehow need to be notified about the clipboard paste-event and if i already do that, then i can clear the clipboard right away and do not need to wait for the program to be closed :-).

        All this code is already existing in the PC version i guess. So all of these feature requests are mainly
        - Identify how it was done on the PC application
        - Find a way to achieve the same on PocketPC
        - Write the code

        Any volunteers willing to help me?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm new to opensource development but not development.  I am trying to get the source code to compile with out errors on my machine but what about the functionality of being able to us activeSync to sync your windows machine with a windows mobile 2003 and up?


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