Keepass PPC 0.4.6 on WM 6 Pro

  • Timothy Allen

    Timothy Allen - 2008-05-09


    Thanks for making this port available, it is great. I used it on my WM 5 Axim X51v, and now I have installed it on my WM 6 Pro HTC TyTN II.  I have noticed two small problems.

    I installed it on the SD card but couldn't open the password file from the program files folder on the card, I had to copy it to the My Documents folder on the card. 

    Also, in the program if I click on an entry in the password list it doesn't open up the detail view - I have to select "View entry" from the edit menu or from right-click.

    Has anyone else experienced these issues?

    These are small problems and the program is great by the way.  Cheers, Tim.

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2008-05-10

      Hi Timothy...

      Yes the standard Windows Mobile File Open dialog is a bit crappy. I haven't found the time to write my own version as i did for KeePassSD.
      You can put your *.kdb file in:

      * The SD-Card root folder or in any subdirectory in the root folder. E.g. \SD-MMCard\subfolder1\database.kdb
      * The My document folder or any subdirectory inside the My Documents folder. E.g. \My Documents\subfolder1\database.kdb

      However something like:
      My Documents\subfolder1\subfolder2\database.kdb
      won't work.

      Regarding selecting an entry in the password list: Double-clicking an entry with the stylus opens the detail view.


    • Timothy Allen

      Timothy Allen - 2008-05-12

      Thank you Tobias, that information is very helpful. 
      Regards, Tim.


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