KeePassSD Memory Error on file load

  • Mark Anderson

    Mark Anderson - 2007-05-10

    I have been receiving an OutOfMemoryException on file loading.
    Has any one else seen this behavior.

    I am using KeePassSD v0.0.7
    I just loaded the newest .NETCF v2SP2 from Microsoft.
    I use v1.06 of the Wintel software.
    I can open the Wintel version of the data file using the import function.
    I can save that imported data as a .kdbx file.
    Whenever I open the SD formated data file I can input my password but when the file trys to open, I get the OutOfMemoryException error.

    I am using a Motorola Q with a 2gid memory card.
    I did not install to the memory card nor is the data file on the memory card, as the card hold video & music.
    My SD data file runs about 2.2meg in size while the Wintel data file runs 2.4meg.

    Am I missing any infor that could help?

    Thanks in advanced for any reply...

    --- Mark Anderson

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-05-15

      Hi Mark!

      2.2MB are quite some passwords. Could very well be, that this is just "normal" behaviour.
      The KeePass V2.02 database is usually GZIP Compressed so you can expect about twice as much memory required in RAM just to load the database plus the memory required for the program itself and the .Net Compact Framework and some management overhead.

      Can you check if the PC is able to open the *.kdbx file you converted on the PDA?
      That is, was the conversion on the Motorlla Q from *.kdb to *.kdbx successfull?



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