KeePassSD Smartphone motivation pretty down..

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2007-05-16

    Hi Guys!

    Just some background information why my enthusiasm for programming for KeePassSD has pretty much ceased at the moment. Some will say i am the worlds biggest prat, but well here is the story:

    I got the HTC MTeOR phone from eBay especially to be able to work on the KeePassSD Smartphone version. It wasn't exactly a bargain, but hey everybody likes geeky Gadgets.

    Two month ago i decided to change my "O2 Genion Starter" contract to a "O2 Genion Card S" contract (without Mobilephone), because i have plenty of mobile phones laying around due to my job and the thing doesn't cost a monthly base-fee. Just talk-time i thought.

    Unfortunately the change also resulted in a change for the data traffic billing. It went from traffic based to time based billing.

    And to my great displeasure i discovered one month later, that the HTC MTeOR does not disconnect from the APM after downloading the e-mails. So i ended up with 10 Minutes real traffic + 12hours being idle but charged per day... For one full month...
    The Smartphone doesn't show on the HomeScreen that it is connected either. This information is burried two layers deep in the connection manager, where a icon changes from black to dark gray.

    So the sad story is: I got an obscenely high bill around 1000 EUR for one month and i have to fight that out with O2 know... Contact some Consumer Protection Agency (Verbraucherschutzzentrale?)... Get a laywer... Get a new mobile phone provider... e.t.c.

    And every time i look at the MTeOR i get that supremely pissed off and annoyed feeling again, which stops me from working on KeePassSD.

    So if you wonder when the next version will be released: I don't know. Probably not until my O2 billing desaster is over and that can take some time.

    Well just wanted to let you know. :-(


    • OnTheEdge

      OnTheEdge - 2007-05-21

      Wow, sounds like we need another developer on this project.

      Seems like open source in Windows Mobile is not real big. :(

      Maybe it is time for me to look at commercial password keeper solutions. KeePass is just so good on the desktop . . .

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-05-23

      FYI the total "Time based billing desaster" summed up to an amazing amount of 1010,19EUR: "Oh Poo can do"


    • OnTheEdge

      OnTheEdge - 2007-05-29

      Good grief. What jerks. And they say the cell phone billing is messed up in America.

      For those that don't care to do a Google conversion, that is $1,357 and some change he is being charged!

      I didn't know time based billing existed for any data service anymore. Windows Smartphones are designed around traffic based billing now. They don't disconnect. They aren't supposed to.

      I am surprised that they are not working with you on this. They should just switch your plan back retroactively and charge you whatever it would have been under the other plan. I've had cell companies do that for me here even for minutes. Go 500 minutes over one month, and they will put me on a new plan that includes that many minutes, retroactively, as long as I keep the plan. They get a happy customer and a plan upgrade, and I save money.

      You would think they would know from the start that there is no way you would ever pay such an amount, so they might as well fix their problem now, rather than wasting their time and money trying to collect.

      I guess it just proves that the customer is always last.

      • Tobias

        Tobias - 2007-06-03

        Well the "Verbraucherschutz" told me that there is no chance to fight it.
        They lawyer & judge will tell me: It's time based billing and you were connected ergo pay the bloody bill. It doesn't really matter, that i haven't actually used the service or caused any traffic. Bummer...

        Best thing i can do is to get in touch with some of these TV magazines, which make these nice reports about how certain companies rip their customers off. I hope i get at least a nice TV report out of it. Something that is actually worth 1000EUR }:->.

        Nevertheless the letter for cancelling the contract is on it's way. Guess it's simply a matter of economy: Do they want to rip me off once and loose me as a customer forever or make steady low money with me. It would probably take 5-8 years to run up that amount with fair billing, so my guess is: They will take the cash and wave me a cheery goodbye.


    • Arno Rog

      Arno Rog - 2007-06-04

      Hi Tobias,

      Boy am I glad I always manually disconnect my mobile phone/pda from internet!
      I sure hope you will get over it, it can be a real annoyance and burden and it can indeed take away the 'joy' of programming.

      All the best of luck fighting against O2 and I hope you will eventually keep up the good work you're doing.

      Kind regards.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      That is pretty outrageous- the company is undoubtedly aware that its so easy to leave the phone inadvertently connected and probably makes a lot of money from people in your situation.  It sounds borderline fraudulent. 

      They may take mostly US-based stories, but I'd at least try submitting your story here:

      It's a popular blog that is devoted to consumer issues and such; lots of stories like yours.

      Best of luck.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I have been eagerly following your progress on KeePassSD for a while.  I hope you will continue its development - I am looking forward to using it on my T-Mobile Dash.

      Regarding the goofy bill, I know you have already gone to the consumer protection agency.  You might try writing directly to O2's president and explain your situation in a reasonable manner - it's sometimes amazing how many of these folks actually read their mail and may sympathize with your predicament.

      Good luck.

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-08-11

      FYI: I managed to finish a small utility today, which allows setting the idle-timeout for a data connection on Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone devices. You can download it on in the Projects section.
      It requires the .Net Compact Framework 2.0 to be installed and your Smartphone has to be application unlocked.

      I hope this will cost my ex-operator plenty of revenue and customer reputation }:-P.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hey Guys,

      Back in the good ole USA, where cell companies are basically in the dark ages, I am able to buy unlimited data for $60US.  Is that not available to you?  As a heavy user, unlimited was the only way to go, instead of 10MB/month.  I am with Verizon (Vodafon in Europe?), which is the most expensive provider here, but with the best customer service/ coverage area (is that an issue over the pond?). 

      I just downloaded KeePass for my PPC 2003, (Samsung i730, moderately modified), but I can't quite figure out what I am doing.  Don't know if this is the wrong discussion for user issues, I will check the other posts in a minute. 

      I just want to lock a couple of files (spreadsheets) with my customers info.  I have screwed around with the interface for a little while now, but can't seem to figure it out.  Do I create a KeePass database and copy and paste the files?

      Thanks for the help, don't be discouraged.

      Scott Sawyer Consulting


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