Future of KeePass for Smart Devices???

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2010-03-09

    Hi there!

    As you know Microsoft will release news about the new Windows Phone 7 Series on the MIX conference this month.
    Informations available look pretty damatic so far:

    KeePassPPC is most likely dead. No more native code, Everything managed and a complete new GUI on Windows Phone 7 Series. Well i am the first one to admit that KeePassPPC has long ago reached it's best before date. However the significant speed difference between Native and Managed code drove me to keep it up and running so far.

    KeePassSD will also not run on Windows 7 Phone Series without redesigning the GUI from scratch (AGAIN.. ARGH!!!!!) and then it mainly depends on the costs of the development tools if i do it again or not. If it requires a full new Visual Studio 2010 Professional license, then it might as well be cheaper and more fun to go for Android or iPhone and call it a day.

    I know it is a bit early to start a thread before all the information is available from Microsoft, but i am interested to hear what you think about this hard break with the past and this complete new start from scratch which means that all of your loved Windows Mobile applications do no longer run.

    Personally i think hat i will dearly miss all the productive tools i use like PocketBreeze, SpbFinance, TinyStocks, PocketWeather..e.t.c. Seems pretty pointless to go for Window Phone 7 Series until alternative Applications are available there.

    Also all these commercial developers have the same problem than I: No more Native Code! So basically you can throw away everything and start from scratch.

    Personally i understand this step because Windows Mobile programming is really painfull. Core code costs 20% of all time and the rest 80% are spent on designing the GUI and making sure it runs on QVGA , VGA, SVGA, horizontal screen, vertical screen, touchscreen, non touchscreen, PocketPC2003, WM5.0 WM 6.1 WM6.1.3 WM6.5 WM6.5.3 devices.
    On the other hand: Just cutting of year and years of development time? *headscratch*

    Well let's see what will be revealed at the MIX conference.

    I am interested to read your thoughts.


  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2010-03-16

    No opinions so far? Ok here a few facts:

    - KeePassPPC is dead on Windows Phone 7 as expected. Not native code anymore and thats the end of the story.

    - KeePassSD is more or less dead as well. The GUI needs to be redeveloped from scratch and getting KeePassLibSD to compile again looks time consuming as well. I gave it a quick try with the preliminary developer tools, but it fails by nonavailability of types like XmlNode or Image or Color. So i guess when spending more time or by waiting for the final version of the development tools it might be possible to do it.

    On the pro side:
    The tools will be free again, so everybody with enough motivation and sparetime can have a go:


  • Scott

    Scott - 2010-03-17

    Thanks for all your efforts!  Should we expect any dev efforts towards the existing version?  It would be a shame to stop when there are still millions of winmo devices out there.  I would certainly understand little more then bugfixes and some easy features.  winmo7 is still a year away from significant deployment.  It sounds like it may not be suited for professional use (from what little I've heard) so there may still be a place for older winmo support for another year or two.

    Let us know what the plans will be.  Here or via the KeePass partner site.  I really love KeePass' feature set and it would be a shame to lose out on it on my winmo5 device.  I am considering getting a winmo6.5 device (since the market for 7 is unclear) in case you are wondering.

    I'd consider a platform change as well (android maybe) but I don't see enough reason to switch yet.

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

  • Bennett Lee

    Bennett Lee - 2010-03-17

    Jeez, WinMo is getting pummeled by iPhone & Android, and so Microsoft thinks the best move to ditch its entire app base and start over from scratch?  What are they thinking?

    I do need a few things for my business that I can only get on WinMo, but sounds like none of that matters anymore.  Guess once Windows Phone 7 is finally released I'll have to start phone shopping…for an Android QWERTY phone.

    Thanks for the great work with Keepass-having it on my phone has saved me the trouble of memorizing literally hundreds of passwords.

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2010-03-17

    Hi there…

    Hm well i haven't really come to a decision how to continue.

    Some of the things M$ is doing make actually sense, as they seem to adress the key aspects which made writing software for Windows Mobile a pain in the back. Like having to develop for any possible screen resolution and size. Having to develop for touch and non-touch devices… Having to handle image ressources for any possible DPI resolution.

    Have a look at the mix website:

    Quite a few intresting videos on there.
    The Silverlight based GUI development looks really neat… Sounds as if GUI designer can work with Blend and developer with Visual Studio 2010 Express Phone and put the stuff together without too much effort.

    Honestly i would love to only support ONE version and not 2 Codebases with x variants of Windows Mobile :)
    Main reason why progress is so dead slow. For example i got a prototype for a "Search" option for KeePassSD from Doncho a while ago. Problem is: Only works Horizontal QVGA touch-screen devices and i didn't have the time to work on it for all other variants.

    Tobias <-Needs to do some fun programming again :*) Whether fun is iPhone, Android or WP7 still to be determined.

  • jay

    jay - 2010-05-18

    Tobias, I don't know what you're considering, but I would LOVE to see a Win Phone 7 version of KeePass. I would think this would be especially appealing given that lots of the code, being written in .NET, could be ported from KeePass itself. Seems this would make for a much better final product than developing for an all together different platform.

    Plus, I think a lot of people are really excited about Win Phone 7. Yes, Microsoft has trailed for far too long in the mobile space, but I suspect they're going to turn the corner with Win Phone 7.

    I hope you and others will bring a mobile version of KeePass to the phone. The thought of not having my passwords easily is  painful.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-06-07

    i would love to see a new version on windows phone 7. if there is no new version for this plattform, i will switch to a other one, possible android. i mean, that  i have seen a keepass application for android, but i cant remember where. i hope you find a way to make new version. its not important to me which one, Windows Phone 7 or Android. i dont like the iPhone, so this is no option.

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2010-06-13

    Hi there…

    Well at the moment i am more tempted towards Android. There is KeepassDroid for it where i might be able to contribute something.

    My initial tests with the Win Phone 7 SDK Demo were not very promising. I expected that once again we need a complete new GUI from scratch, but i couldn't even get the V2.10 Encryption library compiled… Tons of C# Classes which were available under .Net CF are not supported under Silverlight in WP7. Like basic Hash functions.. XmlNodes e.t.c.

    At the moment i am looking forward to replacing my HTC MTeoR with an Xperia X10 Mini Pro (if it ever comes out) and check out the Android SDK. But i am not really decided…

    Another con for WP7 is the locked down application store. Having to pay a yearly subscription fee plus an additional fee to release anything in the app store… Hmmm.. I don't know…


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i think there is a android emulator. will look for this to test KeePassDroid. My main problem with android is the syncing capabilitys for the PIM apps. I have several contacts with mor than 2 email adresses or phone numbers, i fear that this not supported. also there are some problems with reccuring events, but his belongs to the iCal format. i hade the same problems with his at my syncing script for Outlook <-> Thunderbird (Lightning).

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2010-07-04

    Hi there!

    I got my Android Phone yesterday (Xperia X10 Mini Pro). Makes a very good impression so far, even with Android 1.6. First i installed KeePassDroid. Works fine, but functionality is yet a bit limited. Next stop APK (OpenPGP for Android) and the K9Mail Beta with APK integration. Hooray i have OpenPGP support on a mobile phone. Didn't manage to get that one working in years of Windows Mobile useage. I also got a book about Android 2 Programming. Mind you i sort of started to hate Java when i had a look in the early early early days (Java 1.0). Have to work around my personal predjudices now…

    However i also used the "Search" code i got from Doncho a while ago and shoehorned it into a KeePassSD debug version. As this seems to be the one most missed feature, i guess i should really add that before moving on. Whatever that might be.



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