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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Addition of Keyfile support is a welcome change, however it's very tedious having to to browse to a directory on your PDA every time. Also, since the ".key" extension is a dead giveaway, I prefer using other files anyway.

    I would be using a "regular" type file for keyfile, along with a fairly long password.
    The keyfile would be stored in main memory, and the database is on the SD card (this way, if someone gets hold of this card, they won't have the keyfile - just an added layer of protection).

    So, for me to open a database, I have to (1) start KeePass, (2) go to File -> open, (3) check "keyfile" option, (4) change default extension in the dialog from ".key" to "*.*", (5) browse to the directory where keyfile is and select it, (5) type a long password. Lots of work if I have to do it several times daily.

    I think KeePass should at least remember the last dialog setting (i.e. *.* instead of *.key).

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2007-10-11


      Well if you think that storing the last dialog setting is not also a "dead giveaway" i can surely put it on the ToDo list for one of the next releases.
      It all depends how paranoid you really are :-)))


    • Amamba

      Amamba - 2007-10-15

      Well, having the dialog open by default in the *.* mode is actually more obtrusive yet easier to use (as long as one doesn't use a keyfile with a .key extension) - wouldn't you think so ?

      It's the eternal choice between security and convenience. For me, the keyfile role is to provide an extra layer of security in case the database itself is stolen (i.e. somebody gets hold of one of my backups), not when the entire device is stolen, so I'd choose the convenience of an easy-to-locate keyfile and security of a long random password.

      • Tobias

        Tobias - 2007-10-16

        Yep i guess i can change it around and have *.* as the default option instead of *.key.



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