Tobias - 2008-05-05

Hi there!

Just FYI: You will be pleased to know, that i finally got around working on the long overdue Auto-Exit of KeePassPPC. So after a certain timeout without any userinteraction, or when we get the SUSPEND; UNATTENDED or USERIDLE power notification, the application will exit, BUT ONLY if no sub forms, dialogs or message boxes are open.

Only problem:
What to do if somebody modified the database in the meantime?:
- Silently overwrite the database?
- Create a backup?
- Create a backup for every saving of the database or just when it auto-exits?
- Re-use the same backup name and overwrite elder backups or create new files for every backup?
  *_bak0.kdb *_bak1.kdb *_bak1.kdb?