PPC version help needed

  • pabsite

    pabsite - 2009-02-12

    I use PC version 1.1x since a few month with autotype feature.
    I've installed PPC version 0.4.9 on my HTC diamond.

    How can i use the PC file to fill ppc.
    Autotype keycombination is not possible on htc.
    URL field seems not to work (or i've not understand it).

    In fact, what can i do to use keepass ppc to fill automatically the input fields when surfing with my ppc ?

    Thank's for answering

    • Tobias

      Tobias - 2009-03-29

      Hi pabsite!

      Sorry you can't. Autotype isn't implemented.

      As PDA devices have usually no keyboard, the code to simulate typing on a virtual keyboard will be completely different to how things are implemented on the PC side. So due to lack of spare-time and motivation i didn't tackle that challenge yet. And it's not only the typing, it's the "activation of the typing". PDAs usually also have no Ctrl Key. And when i tried to detect a virtual "Ctrl+A" keypress things failed dismally :-(


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have the same problem with WinMo and KeePassPPC V0.5.1.

    Would using KeePassSD V0.1.4 Beta resolve this problem in any way?



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