Commit Date  
[r132] by stepan_s

Restructure and cleanup

2009-03-22 19:40:10 Tree
[r131] by stepan_s

2009-03-14 09:50:01 Tree
[r130] by stepan_s

Release 1.2.0

2009-02-28 06:53:48 Tree
[r129] by stepan_s

Update readme
Improve UI

2009-02-27 16:22:53 Tree
[r128] by stepan_s

Improve UI
Update about
Fix packer

2009-02-27 16:06:07 Tree
[r127] by stepan_s

Fix about dialog

2009-02-27 13:41:50 Tree
[r126] by stepan_s

Added mainfest
Improve icon load

2009-02-27 13:26:46 Tree
[r125] by stepan_s

Save last dir (KDB)
Improve UI

2009-02-27 12:38:06 Tree
[r124] by stepan_s

Improved UI
Realized midlet packer
Added save config

2009-02-27 12:23:41 Tree
[r123] by stepan_s

Improve UI

2009-02-26 18:01:57 Tree
[r122] by stepan_s

Unify file filter

2009-02-26 17:31:06 Tree
[r121] by stepan_s

Prepare. Added GUI.

2009-02-26 15:59:36 Tree
[r120] by stepan_s

Release 1.2.0

2009-02-19 18:46:34 Tree
[r119] by stepan_s

Many changes

File browser:
* Fixed bug - "missed item selection" (SE K750 and may be other phones)
* Improved directory view - minimize count access requests to user

* On midlet start, always show main menu.
For local store added menu item (when available)
* Simplifying password box
* Improved form for download parameters
* Added progress bar for decrypting

KDB Browser:
* Browser Separated from midlet class
* Record view class
* Add field "expired"
* Added support for multiple KDB in JAR
(file `/kdb/ls` - list files in `/kdb` folder)
* Changed type of fields `url`, `user` and `pass` to text
for allow copy to clipboard (where available)

* New midlet icon
* Some code refactored
* Bouncy Castle update to 1.41 (subset)
* Reduced JAR size
(optimized PNG, remove full text of license,
removed debug output by preprocessor)
* Watch dog timer close KDB browse, but not close midlet
* Watch dog timeout reduced to 10 minutes
* Fixed group name encoding (UTF-8)
* Added information about midlet

2009-02-12 06:43:38 Tree
[r118] by stepan_s


2009-01-06 12:08:24 Tree
[r117] by stepan_s


2009-01-06 12:07:32 Tree
[r116] by stepan_s


2008-12-24 19:24:16 Tree
[r115] by stepan_s


2008-12-24 19:20:10 Tree
[r114] by stepan_s


2008-12-24 19:18:41 Tree
[r113] by stepan_s


2008-12-22 20:20:06 Tree
[r112] by stepan_s
2008-12-22 20:07:41 Tree
[r111] by stepan_s

* Updated icons: 16x16 32bpp PNG (from original theme)
* Added new icons to sync with keepassx (improved to 16x16 32bpp PNG)
* Fixed bug with incorrect icon index (if icon missed show icon 0)
* Added icons to main menu
* Added icon to back ("..")
* Changed midlet icon
* Changed icons filenames

* Some captions changed (shorter & readable)
* group postfix removed "/" (invisible, when long caption)
group prefix [+] added

File browse & read:
* Files & dirs open for read only - minimize request to user
* Added for my SE K750 "jump to other dir" (c:/other)
because file browsing don't work normally on the phone
later it replace with bookmarks - for all

2008-11-19 18:44:22 Tree
[r110] by naomaru

change words about support

2007-11-28 23:55:32 Tree
[r109] by naomaru

k.htm -> k.php

2007-11-15 19:21:31 Tree
[r108] by naomaru

added Google AdSense

2007-11-15 19:21:10 Tree
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