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Alpha Release of KeePassJ2ME 1.0.2

KeePass for J2ME 1_0_2_alpha has been released.

A couple of users reported that the old username & password display method, based on Alert, did not function well. I rewrote the method based on Form. Please test and let me know how it works.

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-07-05

KeePassJ2ME-1_0_1 Released

KeePass for J2ME 1.0.1 was released. It includes improved (more user friendly) installer, and source code release.

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-07-03

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for your interest in KeePass for J2ME. Please tell me what you think about the software, so that I can use the information to improve it. Is it easy to use? Is downloading key database manageable?

Please e-mail to

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-07-02

KeePassJ2ME-1.0.0 Released

We are happy to annouce the arrival of KeePass for J2ME 1.0.0.

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-06-27