What to do if decrypting takes a long time

  • amenthes

    amenthes - 2007-10-29

    KeePass (the desktop-version) knows a setting called encryption rounds. This setting is set to a pretty high value (in my case more than 60.000 rounds) this means, your file will be encrypted very often. Your cellphone will have to decrypt this as well. - But with a much lower processing power compared to your computer.

    I Tried this on my own database. When the setting was set to 60.000 i cancelled KeePassJ2ME after a couple of minutes. Then i set the value of encryption rounds down to 10. This time it took my cellphone about 10 seconds to decrypt my file (70Kb, approx 200 Passwords).

    You will find the setting here: Open a file and enter your key. Go to File -> Database Settings. Change the "Number of Key encryption rounds".

    If this works for you too, please let me know by posting in here!

    • Naomaru Itoi

      Naomaru Itoi - 2007-10-30


      Good point.  Please feel free to put it in the FAQ.


    • wamjdi

      wamjdi - 2008-01-12

      Solved :)
      Yes! My database is 68kB and it took 5min to load. When lowering the encryption rounds it now loads in 15 sek - Thanks!

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    • Richard Otter

      Richard Otter - 2009-03-28

      To add more benchmark data:
      My Nokia 6301 decrypted my 456 KiByte database with 670,920 rounds of encryption in 130 seconds.


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