Keepassj2me can open db even kdb file erased?

P. S.
  • P. S.

    P. S. - 2009-06-13

    I installed keepassj2me v1.2 into my N73 and opened a keepass kdb datafile correctly.

    But to my surprise, keepassj2me can still open the database through "Last" menu even I have deleted the original kdb file! I searched all the N73 folders, no another kdb file found.

    So, does keepassj2me import the database from the kdb file and save it somewhere in its private way? where is the database file saved? How can I safely erase the database from my mob phone?

    • Stepan

      Stepan - 2009-06-13

      Last KDB stored (encrypted) in RecordStore (this storage provide java2me).
      This behavior inherited from previous versions (KDB downloaded over internet).
      In trunk (v1.2.1) this behavior changed (43 hours ago :), KDB save in RS only when downloaded (this will changed later).

      If you want delete KDB in RS, you may try open any file.
      Or you may delete midlet, all assigned RS must be also deleted.

      • P. S.

        P. S. - 2009-06-13

        Thanks for your prompt feedback!
        Besides by opening another kdb file, how to delete midlet? Just delete the sub-folder in private folder? Is that safe considering someone may recover the files?

    • Stepan

      Stepan - 2009-06-14

      > If you want delete KDB in RS, you may try open any file.
      I mean that when you open a file, the midlet keeps it in RS, and previous deletes.
      You can even try to open "not KDB" file.

      >Or you may delete midlet, all assigned RS must be also deleted.
      Official info: "When a MIDlet suite is removed from a platform all the record stores associated with its MIDlets will also be removed."

      About RS safety.
      RecordStore managed by Java2ME. Official info: "Record stores are created in platform-dependent locations...".
      After deletion RS by java2me, record must be not readable by java2me. Whether there is other way, besides disassembling of the device and direct reading of memory? If memory is accessible only for java2me - no. In other words, on conscience of the manufacturer a device.

      About file system safety.
      KeePassJ2ME at this moment may only read files from FS. If you worry about recovery any deleted data - override this - fill FS with any random data.

      Besides, KDB it is intended for protection of the data.
      Make sure that the used password is strong.

    • P. S.

      P. S. - 2009-06-14

      Thanks for the specific answer!


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