KeePass 2.09 and Keepass J2ME compatibility

  • Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson - 2009-11-20

    I saved a database using KeePass 2.09 and when I try to open it on my Nokia E71 (Symbian 60) it says "incorrect database structure."  the database is a kdbx.  I'm using KeePass JME 1.3.0

    How do I get this database into my phone so I can open it? 

    When I try to install the packer, I get an error.

    Any suggestions?  I can't find an answer.

  • Oliver

    Oliver - 2009-11-20

    File / Export, KeePass KDB (1.x).

    Try that file format.

  • Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson - 2009-11-21

    Thanks for hte rapid reply.  That worked great.  I was looking for a "save as" instead of export.  Don't know why I didn't think of that.

  • AndyB

    AndyB - 2010-04-07

    I have a Nokia N95 with an 8Gb memory card. I have installed the SW and put the .kdbx file under the /Documents folder on the memory card, running the same versions of SW as benj36 and have the same problems.

    I uploaded the DB file from my PC (running Windows XP Pro) via USB cable directly to the memory card.

    Finding a solution would be great!

    PS: I am going to try loading a "Virgin" DB with the original structure on to the phone memory as, from what I read, this may work - I'll let you know! This is NOT the solution that I'm looking for.

  • AndyB

    AndyB - 2010-04-07

    I have transferred a "Virgin" .kdbx DB file tothe Nokia N95 memory card, just adding entries to the original DB structure (copied from my more complex DB) and I still get the same error message!

    Any new ideas please?

  • Stepan

    Stepan - 2010-04-07

    Keepass for J2ME supports `kdb` format and does not support `kdbx`. These formats are very different from each other, `kdb` has a binary structure, well packed and saving resources. `kdbx` uses a different approach - XML, and overrun of memory compensates with gzip compression. Currently unreasonable to apply this approach to data storage for mobile devices. So for the moment the implementation of `kdbx` Keepass for J2ME is not planned.

    If your database passwords in the `kdbx` format, for use with Keepass for J2ME, you must first convert into `kdb`.

  • Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson - 2010-04-07

    I would also add that the latest version of Keepass does not save documents in kdb…so I use an older version 1.16.  I just move the file from my desktop to the phone just like transferring music and other documents…copy and paste.  It is unfortunate that we cannot edit the kdb file on the phone…I'm using an E71, by the way.

  • Stepan

    Stepan - 2010-04-07

    If you want to test kdb editing on the phone, you can download beta version.
    But it is considered unstable. We need more tests for edit functions.

  • AndyB

    AndyB - 2010-04-15

    Thanks for the information on the different data structure for the 2 DBs, I was totally unaware of that! The compatibility issues were minor and had no difficulties to get around them on my DB. Data transferred was identical.

    On beta testing of the editing functions of kdb on the phone: can we discuss this in another place and not on this thread?

  • Stepan

    Stepan - 2010-04-16

    Yes, of course, make any necessary threads in the forum.


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