New KeePass Password Safe app for mobiles!

  • Christoph Sperle


    I am the creator of a new, free KeePass Password Safe application for mobiles (J2ME). The name of this application is KeePassMobile. Though it is a very young project, KeePassMobile is able to decrypt and show KeePass 1.x databases. I hope I made you a little bit curious. Please have a look at:

    To the creators of this project: forgive me that I use your forum to get in contact with your users. Please be sporting about it and take it to fuel your ambition to get a even better app than mine :-)

    For the users it is always better to have a choice.


    • Stepan

      Stepan - 2009-03-09

      As I see your project closed.
      There are no source code and even the licence.

      I would not entrust your program the passwords. Who knows where they will appear?

      I the same user as well as others, I do not compete, I do for myself and I share with others. Private traders compete only. The community helps each other.

      Good luck.

      • Christoph Sperle

        Yes, you are right. I did not think enough about licensing and stuff, yet. I have to sleep on it.

    • Christoph Sperle

      The discussion with you convinced me about the importance of open source security software. The next release of KeePassMobile will be released under GPL license.


      • Stepan

        Stepan - 2009-03-12

        It is good news. Users will have a choice. And possibility to help the project in development.

    • Daniel Perez

      Daniel Perez - 2009-04-01

      I think it is very good new and more if you will use a open source license.

      But i have some questions: 

      -what are the main differences between your
      new project and the keepass for J2Me (v1.2)?

      -are you using the same main source code?

      I would like to help you, and test you app in my differents java devices (symbian and palm)

      (don't forget to publish the source code)

      • Christoph Sperle


        - what are the main differences between your new project and the keepass for J2Me (v1.2)?

        At the moment (KeePassMobile V0.2) there are no important differences except the nicer GUI ;-) (and that is subjective and V1.2 of 'KeePass for J2ME' has made great progress in this) but I am testing the new version (V0.5) at the moment where many user feedbacks were considered. This version will include a handy search function, so that you do not have to navigate through the whole tree to find a password entry. For further versions it is also planned to _save_ a KeePass databases, so you don't have to sync it with the PC all the time.

        I think, sooner or later both programs will have their pros and cons and you as user can decide which one to go with. And this is the big benefit for you as user.

        You can also install them both. I am sure, they can happy live together side by side on your mobile.

        - are you using the same main source code?

        No, KeePassMobile was newly written from ground up.

        - I would like to help you, and test you app in my differents java devices (symbian and palm)

        This would be great! I am testing the beta version of KeePassMobile V0.5 at the moment. Your help is very welcome! Please write me a mail to and I will send you the latest BETA release.


    • Christoph Sperle


      the new version of KeePassMobile V0.5 was released today as open source software under GPL3 license.


    • Daniel Perez

      Daniel Perez - 2009-04-11

      I've checked it in palmOS with JVM572.
      I sent you all the details

    • Ben Johnson

      Ben Johnson - 2009-06-20

      Nokia E71x.  This will install but gives the error:

      An internal application error occurred: java.lang.SecurityExecption: Permission =

  • Sachin M

    Sachin M - 2010-11-02

    Latest version v0.9 not works with LG KP320


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