Browser interface change thoughts (1.3.0b)

  • Oliver

    Oliver - 2009-07-05

    A) Icons
    Instead of
      <GroupIcon> [+] <GroupName>
    <folderIcon> <GroupName>
    Now I do still have second thoughts about not using GroupIcons, but I'm leaning towards not using them, as it would make the view cleaner.

    When opening a Group, use the GroupName in the title space. Instead of "Page 1/4". Or perhaps "<GroupName>, Page 1/4".

    Search should have a different look, to separate it from "real" entries.
    A different background for just this row might do the trick. Or a thick line below (might be easier)
    And maybe it could be a text box you can just start typing into.

    When opening an entry, the title displays "EntryTitle    (2...".
    What does "(2.." mean? I suppose my E71 is hiding the full text... (should I file this as a bug?)

    • Stepan

      Stepan - 2009-07-06

      A) The problem to distinguish a group.
      - In KeePass any group may have any icon.
      - Everyone can choose to group (and entry) the desired icon.
      - Icons may be disabled.
      Maybe change to: <GroupIcon> [<GroupName>]    or similarly?

      B) Ok.

      C) I think, may be move`Search` item to new level? Later, probably still have to do it:
      ----Change key
      ----Save to ...

      D) Perhaps the title does not fit


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