Notes on 1.3.0b

  • Oliver

    Oliver - 2009-07-05

    Opening a KDB is a LOT faster than in 1.2.0. It took me several minutes in 1.2, on 1.3 it's a couple of seconds.

    I liked the "Open previous", which is now missing. It still saves a few extra clicks. (The previous path is saved.)

    Search! Fabulous!
    It's just missing support for URL and Note-fields. (Added to feature requests.) But is does search titles quickly.

    When installing, it did not identify my previous version. I guess it should, but I'm guessing there are technical reasons for this not working.

    • Stepan

      Stepan - 2009-07-06

      "Last" - KDB is copied in the RecordStore, now only stored from internet.
      For local files may be better to implement as bookmarks.

      Search. Yes, at this moment only by `Title`. I agree by `URL`s and `Note`s  is useful, but optional (setup). Ok.

      Changed URL in midlet properties. For phone it is another midlet, not new version. Just delete previous version.

  • distman

    distman - 2009-09-27

    I like this piece of software. I also like the option "Open previous" very much. Maybe you can implement it again. This option should then also remember, if you use an keyfile or not.
    An other thing could be useful is, if you browsing inside an kdb file to add an new menu entry in this "ok, close" menu an "quit" entry. With this entry you can quit the complete application, without go to the main menu.

  • Richard Otter

    Richard Otter - 2009-10-15

    Congratulations on ver 1.3 !

    I will test the key file support soon and if it works, make it my default for KeePass.

  • Paolo Fiore

    Paolo Fiore - 2009-10-27

    It's a great new version, and the DB is opened much faster.
    But to me it's too much uncomfortable: I miss the option "load DB from last", it was very easy and fast to open the last opened KBD file.

    Now on my N70 I've got to select "open", then read "allow keepass to read user data?" and click "yes", then select the right file, then again click "yes", then put the password, then select "no" keyfile, and finally the DB opens.

    With previous version was much quicker: just select "last" and write the password.

    I'll go back to the previous version.


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