#220 Tried to export KeePass file, now get "invalid/corrupted file" msg


I was trying to copy my KeePass info to a flash drive. I went to File - Export To - TXT and tried to save it. When I try to open it now, both the flash drive and the original installation on my desktop give me an "invalid/corrupted file" error msg. I used the same password. Is there any way of undoing this error?


  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-11-09

    Export is not the way to copy your database - it writes all your data unencrypted to a plain text file. To copy your data you need to copy the database file itself - usually database.kdb.

    Do you still have a database file ending in "kdb"?
    Did you export to the "kdb", overwriting your original database?
    Do you have a backup of your database you can go back to?

    If you are running Window 7 or later you can try to recover an old version of the file.
    1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your database file.
    2. Right click on the database file and select Properties.
    3. Select the Previous Versions tab and copy an old file to a temporary location.
    4. Try opening the file in the temporary location.

    cheers, Paul

    p.s. we prefer these requests in Discussion > Help

    • sfbiker

      sfbiker - 2013-11-23

      Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I forgot to check back here for an answer until now. I do still need to get this problem solved, though, so I appreciate your help.

      As far as your questions:
      I don't think I do still have a database file ending in kdb. It seems to end in exe now.
      I probably did overwrite my original database. I don't believe I have a backup, but how could I check this?
      I am running Windows XP, so I guess I can't recover an old version the way you say above.
      FYI: I do still have KeePass on my other computer and the old password works there. Could I send that file over to the computer where it's now corrupted?

  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-11-23

    Yes, copy the good database to the computer with the corrupted database. All you need to do is copy the good database to a USB key etc, then copy it onto the other computer - do not export. ;-))

    cheers, Paul

  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2013-12-27
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