#219 Cannot paste to KeePass at all


I used to use Windows 8, and then upgraded to 8.1, and never had an issue with KeePass. However, recently i built a brand-new computer, and my motherboard didn't support windows 8.1 drivers, so i was forced to go back to using windows 7. I am now having a terrible issue with KeePass which is making the program virtually unusable. I cannot paste into any of the fields when creating or editing an entry.

To make it more clear, when editing, or creating a new entry, i used to be able to right-click and paste into the URL, Password, title, username, or notes fields. however, on Windows 7, i can no longer paste into any of them. In fact, i cant paste into any fields in KeePass at all.
Things i have tried:

  • reboot
  • re install KeePass
  • creating a new database
  • pasting into notepad first, then to KeePass
  • using a different web browser

The "Paste" button isn't grayed out, and when i paste anywhere else it works fine, but not in KeePass.

Thanks in advance


  • Dustin

    Dustin - 2013-11-06

    I seem to have solved this problem by updating .NET.

  • Dominik Reichl

    Dominik Reichl - 2013-11-06
    • status: open --> closed
    • Priority: 7 --> 5

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