#711 show / hide Passwords controled by button press


When you open the KeePass from the System Tray to look
for a password, so you don´t see it, if you hide your
passwords. You have to unhide all to see it or to copy
it blind (without seeing it).

When you want to type your passwords by yourself (and
don´t copy them to the clipboard; would be good to
remember passwords with the time) you have to see it.

But every one behind or around you, can see all(!!)
passwords in your window when you unhide them.

So it would be great if there is a function to see one
entry with a unhide password in a extra window.

When you mark a entry you can press a button
permanently (maybe space bar). When you hit it first, a
little overview-window for your marked entry pops up to
show you a entry-summary.
And there the password is in plain text.
So you can mark the entry, hit the button and see your
password. Safe it in your brain or remember it and than
you only need to stop pressing the special-button to
close the little popup.
So you can also leave the button unpressed, when
someone comes around or behind you.


  • Paul

    Paul - 2006-05-30

    Logged In: YES

    Nice idea, but it wouldn't work if you use the KeePass
    password generator, because the passwords are deliberately
    very difficult to remember - unless you have a photgraphic

    cheers, Paul

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    That´s no problem.
    Because in that case you can also open the windows
    permanently by double clicking the entry.
    I don´t want to request to change from permanently view to
    temporary view ...

    The temporary view was only a idea to add to the behaviour
    already exists.

    And the passwords are not soooo difficult to remember. The
    first time yes ... that´s normal for good and strong pw. But
    my idea is to view it and type it by yourself (no copy). So
    you remember it with the time. :)

  • Anonymous - 2006-07-06

    Logged In: YES

    You should not be using passwords which are easy to
    remember. The point of the program is that you do not need
    to even know the passwords. You would be better off
    investigating how to use Auto-Type. The point of the program
    is that you only need to know one master password. Identify
    the window title for the program you need the password for,
    and put a Auto-Type-Window entry into notes. See help.


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