#498 Diary or logbook


Is it possible to implement a diary-function? It would
be nice to have an encrytpable diary or log function
for administrative or other activities.


  • Ifni

    Ifni - 2005-08-26

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    KeePass supports this in two ways - you can create a
    standard file (say an Excel file) and add it to an entry in
    your DB as an attachment (less secure) or just use the notes
    field in an entry (no searching/indexing, etc).

    I think that beyond that, it is likely outside of the scope
    of this application. This tool
    (http://securediary.sourceforge.net/) might meet your needs.
    Never tried it, but if it allows you to time stamp entries
    and search/index, it seems it'd make a good logbook program.

    This search
    provides a number of open source log book projects that
    might meet your need. None mention encryption in their
    description, but some may have it anyway.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    If the database is on a shared disk it would really be nice to
    have an audit trail log of the windows user that
    unlocks/attempts to unlock the database and to log when an
    entry is being viewed without password hiding. It could be a
    separate file than the password database with a checksum of
    the file being in the database itself (so that one can check if
    the log has been altered)

  • Paul

    Paul - 2005-08-26

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    You could use any diary, then encrypt with TrueCrypt.

    cheers, Paul

  • Ifni

    Ifni - 2005-08-31

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    Audit logging for access to the KeePass DB relies on the
    KeePass program playing nice. Since it is open source and
    therefore easy to modify so as not to log events (a
    situation that is not mitigated sufficiently by closed
    source either), this ability would violate Dominik's
    requirement that the default features of KeePass treat the
    client as untrusted. However, I suspect that plugins are
    not bound to that same level of integrity.


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