#381 Listing last few additions or changes made in the entire DB


I use KeePass a lot and love it! But, I have major
problems sometimes (caused by the flurry of life) with
determining which file/database really has my latest
additions and changes in them.

If there was just a button or option that could list
just the last few additions or changes to the entire
database, then I think this would fix this problem and
make it much less likely that there will be lost
additions, lost changes, or "forks" in the database file.

When this problem occurs, I have to go back and try to
figure out what file and on what machine is really the
latest one, try to remember what the last
additions/changes I made, and then "merge" the
changed/added information back into just one of the
files. Modification dates on the database files is not
enough to solve this problem. And, last modified
dates/times on the subsections isn't enough either :(

As a possible alternative, is there a way to list out
the last modifed times on all sections including the
main "Password Groups" and the "Password subgroups" as
well as the lower level entries as is done now? That
way, maybe I could "walk the tree" and determine what
was modified last, instead of having to look inside
every (of many) main Password Groups because the main
Password Groups cannot be listed in last modified order.

Thank you for considering this request, and I'll be
happy make another donation to this project if you can
squeeze this in.




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