#1913 Random email from group


Each account needs an email address for creation and recovery purposes. Some of us use custom fields to place our emails (Entry -> Advanced -> String Fields) within each entry.

I propose an email field to be created at the creation of an entry and filled with a random email from a defined/hardcoded location within the database.
The randomize function will need to lookup how many times an email address is used (how many accounts use it) and choose the address with the least ammount of accounts. This prevents situations with 10 accounts on emailAddr X and 1 on emailAddr Y.

We need this because it adds a bit more protection for us when having accounts all over the internet. It wouldn't be security-wise to use the same email everywhere.


  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-08-15

    That is a Template on steroids and I suspect it would be relatively easy to implement as a plug-in, but I can't see it as a KeePass feature. The biggest issue is recording and tracking the used email addresses. I have multiple templates, one for each email address and I choose the one I require for a new site, but it's a bit of a management nightmare, especially creating the templates. I created a CSV file with the details and imported them into my templates group.

    cheers, Paul

  • Kaxudb

    Kaxudb - 2014-08-15

    Still, I have 22 email addresses and loading that many templates isn't practical.

    But without the tracking, could you do it? Just a simple randomizer and in time, you'll perfect it.

  • Paul

    Paul - 2014-08-16

    I couldn't, but someone might.

    cheers, Paul


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