#1860 Option to select amongst open databases from tray right-click


So after jumping around a bunch of different password management programs (Lastpass --> Dashlane --> 1Password --> STRIP --> back to Lastpass) over the past year and a half, I finally stumbled upon Keepass and fell in love. The implementation is wonderful. The user control is unparalleled. It is, quite literally, the best password management program I've come across, and it's a wonder I didn't discover it before.

I spent the last few days tweaking, configuring, playing around with plugins, etc. I guess it's a testament to the program that pretty much every feature I ever wanted I could get using a combination of triggers + plugins + setting adjustments.

There's just one thing left. It's a tiny nuisance, and not a deal-breaker in any way, but I figured I'd suggest it here and see if anybody can pick up on it or offer suggestions.

Here it is: I have two password databases. One stores really important things (bank accounts, IDs, etc) and the other stores useless things (forum logins, throwaway gmail accounts, etc). The one storing important things is secure on my desktop. The one storing throwaway things is in my public dropbox folder for quick access on the fly from my android and other devices.

I've got Keepass integrated with Chrome using chromeIPass. I always have both databases unlocked on my desktop. I've assigned different colored icons to each so that I can see which one is currently active by looking at the tray. However, I'd love to be able to quickly switch between them by right-clicking the tray icon and toggling between the two... instead of pulling up the entire Keepass window to do so.

I envision it looking something like this:

Imporant Database
Throwaway Database (checkmark)
Lock Workspace

With a checkmark next to the currently active database.

Is this possible? Would it be difficult to implement in a plugin? I have absolutely no programming knowledge so I have no idea how long it would take or the work involved, but if anybody is inspired to help.. it'd be greatly appreciated.


  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-04-20

    The active database doesn't affect KeePass auto-type, it is only affected by which databases are open, so I am guessing the active database is important to ChromeIPass, correct?

  • eztwister

    eztwister - 2014-04-20

    Not necessarily, no. ChromeIPass has the option to select logins from ALL open databases.. so that's not the reason I'm asking.

    (of course, some users might prefer to limit ChromeIPass to just the open database, but that's not me)

    The reason I want to be able to do a quick-switch is for ease-of-use with the TrayTOTP plugin. My TOTP's are located in the important database, so when I have the throwaway one selected I can't generate a TOTP. What I end up doing now is manually pulling up the KeePass main window and switching databases, then generating the TOTP. If I could switch from the tray, everything would be a lot faster.

  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-04-20

    As far as I can see (which isn't necessarily that far) adding the feature to KeePass doesn't actually offer an advantage to vanilla KeePass users, it just changes the order of a sequence of two actions (Untray, select active db can become select active db, untray).

    Perhaps it would be better to ask the TrayTOTP developer to incorporate active database selection into the TrayTOTP plugin. The TrayTOTP developer already knows how to expose TOTP entries in the context menu of the KeePass Tray icon. Or maybe he can just search both open databases for TOTP entrys.

    Last edit: wellread1 2014-04-20
  • eztwister

    eztwister - 2014-04-20

    Asking the TrayTOTP developer is a good idea. I'll try.

    I think you're right: the advantage to vanilla users is minimal, unless they want to segregate database access from ChromeIPass (not sure how the Firefox extension works).

    Looks like the only users to benefit would be a small subset: those using ChromeIPass and not wanting to link access across all databases, and those like me who use TrayTOTP and want to quickly cycle between open databases.

    EDIT: Although, looking at your last interaction (https://sourceforge.net/p/traytotp-kp2/tickets/3/) with the TrayTOTP developer, it doesn't seem like he's actively involved in improving it any longer..

    Last edit: eztwister 2014-04-20
  • wellread1

    wellread1 - 2014-04-20

    I empathize. Unfortunately I think the correct place for the option is in the TrayTOTP plugin. It also seems to me that the behavior most consistent with KeePass would be for TrayTOTP to search all open databases for TOTP entries and forgo database selection.

    Perhaps the KeePass developer will see an advantage for vanilla KeePass users that I/we don't.

  • eztwister

    eztwister - 2014-04-20

    I agree with the default for TrayTOTP behavior. That would make this whole suggestion irrelevant.

    But the way I have things set up, I need throwaway.kdbx to be in focus 99% of the time. The reason is so that I can save new logons to it using ChromeIPass. The only time IMPORTANT.kdbx needs to be in focus is when I want to generate a TOTP.

    Here's how my set up works atm. Maybe I'm missing something that would make it better?

    1) Turn computer on. Keepass launches automatically and asks me to unlock IMPORTANT.kdbx. I input the password on a secure desktop.
    2) A trigger in IMPORTANT.kdbx unlocks throwaway.kdbx automatically and Keepass is minimized. It's sitting there in the tray ready to be called upon by ChromeIPass when needed.
    3) New logins collected online all go into the active database.. which is throwaway.kdbx. That's the default behavior, and that's what I want it to do. I get to collect all my forum IDs/passwords/whatever and it syncs automatically with my dropbox public folder using sync triggers.
    4) Everything is good and fine and easy and hands-off until I need to input a TOTP (gmail, dropbox). Of course, this is a pretty rare occurrence. My desktop isn't going anywhere and I don't mind verifying my account once and leaving it saved for future sessions. But I have to open up keepass, manually switch tabs, then right-click the tray to generate the TOTP, etc.
    5) That's pretty much it.


    Oh, wait, here it is. I found a usage scenario where being able to select databases from the tray would be useful. ChromeIPass saves new login information to the active database. If you have more than one database open, you could quickly switch from the tray to make sure the new login goes into the proper database.

    (So pretty much, ignore everything I wrote before the ellipses. It just seems like a shame to erase all that after writing it out)


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